Service Plans

At Metro ATM, we are proud of the high standard of our services. Offering a full range of ATM services, we can outfit your business with an additional income source, no matter where you are in the USA.

The fact is that customers spend at least 20% more at bars, restaurants, shops and nightclubs with in-house ATMs. Our cash machines are convenient for the customers but they also save business owners the hassle of accepting checks. Your business saves on the percentage usually charged by the banks for credit card transactions, generating income for you with every new transaction.

And when you work with Metro ATM, you also get these benefits along with our legendary customer services:

  • The best ATM machine for your business.
  • The best price in the market.
  • A clean and professional installation.
  • Processing for the ATM.
  • Cash replenishment services.
  • Repair and troubleshooting.
  • Handling of card-holder disputes.
  • Training and assistance.

Our Services

ATM Placements

ATM placements are a specialty at Metro ATM. We professionally carry off the entire ATM installation process which includes cash refilling and machine maintenance.

We take complete responsibility of running your ATM program so you can concentrate on running your business. Just let us know where to set up, arrange for a telephone line and electrical outlet and leave the rest to us.

Don’t miss out on an additional no-headache cash flow, and get your business its own ATM. The following are included in the Metro ATM placement program:

  • ATM Machine.
  • Cash Loading.
  • Revenue Sharing.
  • Service and Maintenance, including parts, labor and paper.
  • Installation Services.
  • Insurance coverage for ATM and cash.
ATM Sales

Metro ATM gives you the ability to outright buy your own ATM machine. Pay via cash or take advantage of our leasing facilities to pay for an ATM model of your choice. Instant purchase of our ATMs includes:

  • Delivery Monday – Friday
  • Wireless modem (if required)
  • Personalized screen image download
  • Box of paper rolls (10/box 2000 transactions/roll)
  • Personalized installation and training
  • Software upgrades as required
  • Updates about settlement funds
  • No penalties for non-operation of ATM or transaction volumes
ATM Purchase Partnerships

We have introduced a revolutionary new program that allows business owners to get an ATM without any upfront investment. Cash loading remains the business owner’s responsibility but the Metro ATM technicians are available to provide all the other benefits of the Metro ATM placement program. All we need from you is access to a phone line and electrical power.

Other benefits of our partnership program are:

  • ATM placement and Installation
  • Transaction processing
  • On-site training
  • All required services, including parts, labor
  • Installation services